Our story

Bratislava Policy Institute (BPI) is an independent research institute established in 2017 by group of sociologists and political scientists headed by sociologist Dr. Michal Vašečka. BPI’s objective is to support and develop public policy research initiatives and to provide public policy-orientated expertise in the areas of youth policy; extremism; ethnicity, citizenship, and minority studies, and migration. BPI’s team is made up of sociologists, political scientists, and legal scholars. The team is able to engage in interdisciplinary research and public-policy consultancy that is critical to the study of previously complex themes. BPI in its activities fosters publication activities, organizes seminars, conferences, and workshops, works on expert standpoints and public-policy materials, and is devoted to consultancy activities. BPI is personally and scientifically linking up on good traditions of research and analytical activities of the Institute for Public Affairs Bratislava (www.ivo.sk).  


Bratislava Policy Institute is a civic organization that is governed by the 5 members Executive Board that is supreme body of the organization. Executive Board elects executive director of the BPI and confirms strategic materials of the BPI. There are 4 people operating at the BPI at the moment and organization is going to expand in coming months. As vast majority people operating within Slovak NGO sector people of the BPI are not employed in BPI and they are paid by project.


Bratislava Policy Institute (BPI) is a new policy-oriented institution created by skilful policy analysts having background all in political science, sociology, and legal science. In the course of four months of its existence in 2017 BPI managed to establish cooperation with numerous institutions – such as European Centre for Minority Issues, Flensburg (www.ecmi.de), Villa Decius Krakow (www.villa.org.pl), Institute for Ethnic Studies, Ljubljana (www.inv.si), IZA – Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit (www.iza.org), IISCE – The international institute for the study of culture and education, Wrocław (www.iisce.org), or ISGAP – Institute for Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (https://isgap.org/. BPI is a new organisation operating in Slovak republic, but our members where involved it various types of projects at national level and abroad, from public to private sector. All contacts that we provided above and below are institutions that know us and that we cooperate closely at the moment during kick off activities of the BPI.

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