Our story

Bratislava Policy Institute (BPI) is a new independent, dynamic policy-oriented institution having background in political science, sociology, and legal science. BPI was established in 2017 by group of sociologists and political scientists headed by sociologist Dr. Michal Vašečka. BPI’s objective is to support and develop public policy research initiatives and to provide public policy-orientated expertise in the areas of youth policy, extremism, ethnicity, citizenship, minority studies and migration. BPI’s team is made up of sociologists, political scientists, and legal scholars. The team is able to engage in interdisciplinary research and public-policy consultancy, that is critical for the research of previously mentioned themes. BPI in its activities fosters publication activities, organizes seminars, conferences, workshops, works on expert standpoints, public-policy materials and is devoted to consultancy activities. BPI is personally and scientifically linking up on good traditions of research and analytical activities of the Institute for Public Affairs Bratislava (www.ivo.sk). BPI team has been involved in various activities concerning both activism and policy research for the sake of liberal democratic regime and against extremism and disinformation campaigns inspired and run by different enemies of liberal democratic regime.

Our main research fields and areas includes: 

  1. civil society
  2. democratic institutions
  3. political communication and online media research
  4. extremism and radicalism
  5. ethnicity, minorities and migration
  6. liberalism and illiberalism
  7. totalitarian regimes

In the course of couple months of its existence in 2017 BPI managed to establish cooperation with numerous institutions – such as European Centre for Minority Issues, Flensburg (www.ecmi.de), Villa Decius Krakow (www.villa.org.pl), Institute for Ethnic Studies, Ljubljana (www.inv.si), IZA – Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit (www.iza.org), IISCE – The international institute for the study of culture and education, Wrocław (www.iisce.org), or ISGAP – Institute for Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (https://isgap.org/. Despite the fact, that BPI is a new organisation operating in Slovak republic, our members were involved in various types of projects at national and international level, both in public and private sectors.

What we do

 Event organisation

Our team has significant experience in organising events, workshops, conferences, trainings and practical seminars. We organised several professional events in the past and we are focusing on the organisation of events specifically in the areas of our research, in order to be able to disseminate the results of our work as well as to create public awareness on the social problems. We offer to our partners and clients the assistance in organising domestic and international events of various types or to offer consultations in the topics, that are in line with our expertise. 


Political analysis

BPI is able to provide to our clients and partners professional political analyses connected with their individual needs. We offer our professional expertise to various types of institutions – from political and economic decision makers, to research institutions, investors, corporate leaders, media, lobby organisation and public administration, including local governments and offices.


Evidence – based analysis

BPI team has long-term experience in gathering and understanding data from all significant international and domestic statistical databases. We provide various types of evidence – based analysis, that are relevant to the individual needs of each client. We design our analysis and interpretations in such a way, that we can explore potential threats and trends, which are highly interesting for our clients. We also offer the analysis of mapping the trends in political environment in various types of political and societal sectors, including the potential threats of any decisions taken in these sectors.


Social (media) research

Our team has a significant experience in social and social media research both in academia and in the private sector. We can provide the social media research – qualitative and quantitative oriented – designed to the individual needs of the client.

Despite the fact, that this type of research is most common we can offer also other types of social research. As for example we are able to tackle down research and secondary analyses of the attitudes and additional characteristics of public opinion, including their attitudes and values towards specific questions in relation to their ideological preferences, political orientations, prejudices or opinions on relevant societal, political or economic topics. We can also offer the analysis important to investors in particular sectors, which are related to opinions and practices in consumption.

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