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One of the strenghts of the BPI team is, that its members have long-term experiences with organizing various events. The team BPI organize various conferences, seminars, workshops and discussions. 

Večer Michala Vašečku

VMV: Akého primátora potrebuje bratislava?

 What should connect and not divide Bratislava within its progress? What needs ot be done so Bratislava could be the modern city of 21st century? What role should play a new mayor? We will try to answer these and other questions on traditional evening of Michal Vašečka this time in Zichyho palác on 4th of June at 19:00 with the guests Matej Vagač a Peter Žalman.  


VMV: Zmierenie sa so slovenskom

 “One minute of reconciliation is worth more than       a whole life of friendship!”  (Gabriel G. Marquez).

Martin M. Šimečka and Michal Havran found in their last texts the way to reconcilitation with the society they live in. Is it also the process of the forgiveness of its troublesome roads?  On these and other question we will find the answers on 16th of April at 19:00 in Pisztori Palace.  

VMV: Uzatvárajú sa Cirkvi na Slovensku do seba?

The discussion was organized by Bratislava- Staré mesto, Denník N and Bratislava Policy Institute 12th of March at 19:00 in Pisztori Palace in Bratislava.  The topic of the discussion was “Are the churches in Slovak republic closing themselves”?  (Uzatvárajú sa cirkvi na Slovensku do seba?) Our guests were Anna Polcková and Miroslav Kocúr. 

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