Internet = CommonSpace

The aim of the event  Internet = Common Space or Participative accession to digital citizenship  organiyed by DIGIQ was to stimulate discussion and  prepare recommendations, on how can be the internet used for common good, cooperation and support of the thought of (digital) citizenship in practice. Working groups were discussing the current questions about using, legal regulation and reach of the internet in Slovakia and in Europe. Event was organized on three main pillars: participative approach (users of Internet will prepare recommendations for IT companies), twisted model (the working groups will be lead by young people), multisector consultations (participants will be students, IT specialists, representatives of companies, public administrationd, etc.) and international reach (the recommendations and results will be send to partners from abroad and also to European Council for Digital Good. Viera Žúborová was resposible for moderating third panel dealing with the issue of social innovation and internet. The discussion was focusing on answering the questions about pros and cons of the relationship between these two.