Elections in Slovakia: liberal and illiberal worldviews compete

Slovakia’s general elections scheduled for 29 February 2020 are perceived as a battle between populists, far-right extremists and liberal politicians inspired by the progressive President Zuzana Čaputová, elected in 2019. While Čaputová’s victory was hailed in Europe as defeat of the far-right extremism in Central Europe, the pre-election opinion polls indicate that the extremists may be the second most voted party, if not the most voted. Some commentators have described this election as a fight for the democratic future of Slovakia: voters will decide if they want the country to be more like illiberal democracies in neighbouring Poland and Hungary or stay on a steady pro-European course. The sociologist Michal Vašečka analyzed the Slovak society and trace the origins of voters’ political preferences, while the political scientist Aneta Világi explained the political landscape: which values and policies do different political options promote?