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BPI works in partnership with various partners on the international, national and local level. A partnership only makes sense, if both sides are benefited by it. Each organization should supplement the other in areas where they are lacking. So we make sure to use each partners strength to make the maximum out of our partnership. We are open about your own strengths and weaknesses and we will openly discuss it with you. We like to offer our partners our knowledge, but we also hope to learn something from them. If you yould like to cooperate with us on some specific topic, or you have some idea where you would like to see us involved let us know and we we will discuss further cooperation.

Working for an NGO can be a challenging activity. However, it is also the most satisfying job, in terms of, goals. We provide young people with the possibility to join us in our activities either as an interns or as an volunteers. As our topic is various we also look for young people from the different fields and with the different backgrounds. We are looking for commitment and we offer not only couple lines for CV, but we place high value on the proper training, education and possibility to grow within our organization. We do not seek the short term volunteers and interns, as we believe that it takes a while to create right team to do the job.

If you work and pay taxes in Slovakia, every year you have the possibility to contribute 2% of your tax payments to any non-profit organization of your choice. Don’t worry, this 2% is not an additional tax you need to pay, more precisely, it’s out of the total amount of taxes you’re supposed to pay to the government anyway.  As a tax payer you can decide whether to support us by donating 2% of income tax to Bratislava Policy Institute or transferring it to the government budget.

Name: Bratislavský inštitút pre politickú analýzu

Address: Klariská 14 , 83103 Bratislava

Legal Entity: združenie

IČO: 51 000 407