Our Mission


Bratislava Policy Institute Bratislava Policy Institute (BPI) is an independent research institute established in 2017 by group of sociologists and political scientists. BPI’s objective is to support and develop public policy research initiatives and to provide public policy orientated expertise in the areas of youth policy, extremism, ethnicity, citizenship, minority studies, and migration. BPI’s team is made up of sociologists, political scientists, and legal scholars. The team is able to engage in interdisciplinary research and public policy consultancy that is critical to the study of previously complex themes. BPI in its activities fosters publication activities, organizes seminars, conferences, and workshops, works on expert standpoints and public policy materials, BPI is also devoted to consultancy activities. BPI’s diversified team has been involved in various activities concerning both activism and policy research for the sake of liberal democratic regime and against extremism and disinformation campaigns inspired and run by different enemies of liberal democratic regime.

BPI’s team is made up of sociologists, political scientists, and legal scholars. The team is capable to engage in interdisciplinary research and public-policy consultancy that is critical to the study of previously complex themes. BPI´s range of activities cover publication activities, work on expert standpoints and public-policy materials, consultancy activities and organization of seminars, conferences, and workshops.
oriented institution created by skilful policy analysts having background all in political science, sociology, and legal science. Bratislava Policy Institute team has long-term experiences with preparing, conducting, and elaborating research and work with quantitative and qualitative data. We collaborated with most of those that are focused on social research – Focus agency, AKO agency, GFK agency, and Markant agency.


Qualitative research

Focus groups, in-depth interviews, and direct observation

Quantitative research

Analysis of primary, secondary and multivariate analysis


Trainings, seminars, workshops for public, students and also experts in the selected areas

Political marketing

Market/competitor research and analysis, goal mapping, audience research, messaging, communications strategy planning

Our Mission

BPI´s mission is to create, improve public policies, open debates on actual narratives, consult trends and scenarios through independent, objective, non-partisan research. Our mission is to empower and influence people living in our European environment and Central European region.

OUR Vision

Our vision is to do things differently, innovative and with higher purpose such as protection of human rights, democracy and European values. We believe, that BPI connects experienced and skilled professionals with new and original methods and ways how we design, think and doing our work. We stand for common values such as humanity, tolerance, solidarity, common identity to solve the upcoming challenges and to protect and cherish our freedom, liberty and democracy.

  • To assist potential talents
  • To provide quality education
  • To make an impact on policy
  • To support and encourage youth
  • To raise Awareness
  • To bring new solutions
  • To develop knowledge and experience
  • To analyse and interpret data
  • To create valuable networks
  • To inform and design research

Projects & Initiatives

  • Yes
  • No

V prípade, ak potrebujete ako spoločnosť urobiť prieskum BPI je tou najlepšou voľbou. Ich profesionalita spolu s ochotou vyriešiť komplikácie a promptnosťou sú veľmi žiadúcimi vlastnosťami, vďaka ktorým sa Vám rozšíria obzory a Váš pôvodný zámer nadobudne lepší a inovatívnejší rozmer ako ste čakali. Výsledok bude stáť za to. Vrelo odporúčame BPI na spoluprácu či už pri výskumoch alebo prieskumoch trhu.


Scholars at Risk is delighted to partner with the BPI, and to work together towards a SAR Slovakia section. A SAR Slovakia section will coordinate activities in Slovakia to protect threatened scholars and to promote academic freedom. Together with BPI SAR is delighted to organize Speaker Series events, academic freedom courses and a festival on academic freedom to take place in May 2019. Our sincere thanks to BPI for their partnership and support for these important issues.

Our History
July 2017
BPI is established by three members of the team Michal Vašečka, Viera Žúborová and Ingrid Borárosová
October 2017
BPI is live on the social media by creating our own BPI Facebook account
March 2018
BPI organizes its first public discussion Večer Michala Vašečku
May 2018
BPI starting to lead its first project on the topic social innovation
July 2018
BPI team find its office on Klariská 14 in the old town
March 2019
BPI published its works book called GEN ZY Generácie budúcnosti
May 2019
BPI officially established Scholars at Risk Section Slovakia
December 2019
BPI´s programme director Michal Vašečka was personally awarded by Ministry of Justice