Author: Viera Žúborová

Date of publication: 2010

Published by: Vydavatelstvi a nakladatelství Aleš Čeněk

In: Levice v České republice a na Slovensku 1989 – 2009



This article analyzes the transformation process of the leftist political parties in Slovak Republic after the fall of the communism. The article focuses on specific signs those influence the marginalization of the leading leftist party in the history of independent Slovak Republic – Slovak Democratic Left (SDL). After each elections the preference votes of the SDL gradually felt down until they reached “zero” after the elections in 2002. The process of “socialdemocratisation” of the SDL wasn’t completed, the most significant signs those had influenced this incompletion were) a non-visible political identity unsettled with the history, failure “with the process of recruitment of the new generation and intellectuals – intelligentsia, the existence of the, Movement for the Democratic Slovakia (MDS, with the charismatic leader Vladimír Mečiar.


Link to download: https://www.academia.edu/8234224/H%C4%BEadanie_stability_na_%C4%BEavom_brehu