The aim is to introduce to the public different sides of migration, which is often seen as something unpleasant and negative. We will show the migration in different views and remind the public that it is natural and has been part of our societies for ages. Due to open borders, a significant number of EU citizens choose as their permanent residence, where they buy real estate and raise their children, not their own countries, but the border areas in neighboring countries. However, current policies do not take into account this new dimension of life and work of European citizens resulting from open borders. Moreover, this new reality is perceived rather negatively. The reason why we choose commuting is because it is integrated in the concept of Europe’s open borders. Our target will be youth and  public and we will use the visually attractive materials to create a positive picture on the people, periodically traveling through the borders in between home and work for various reasons.



Design of the campaign
Creating the list of interviewees
Shooting videos
Editing the videos


Bratislava Policy Institute (leader),


Mgr. Milan Hrabovský, PhD.

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