Project Coordinator


Research of the benefits in socio-economic area of non-profit sector

Research on the state and the development of the civic society


  • Úrad splnomocnenca vlády Slovenskej republiky pre rozvoj občianskej spoločnosti
  • Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica
  • Statistical Office SR

Better Public Policies Through Better Knowledge of Civic Society

Members of BPI are being part of the expert team in the national project „Better public policies through better knowledge of civic society.“ Project was prepared by the Office of Government Representative for Civic Society, as the follow up of the action plan for the civic society development. The project will be financed by operational programme Effective public administration (EVS).

The main aim of the project is more quality public policy making (therefore also more quality public policy itself) through relevant data and information about whole civic society. Project is based on 4 complex activities: 1) research of the socio-economic asset of the ngo sector, state and trends in the development of the civic society and creation of the policy recommendations for the policy makers; 2) the policy making in pilot stage; 3) the creation of the proposal for update of the common methodology to assess the effects of proposed regulations; 4) creation of the proposal for launch of the satellite account for third sector.

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