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Bratislava Policy Institute (BPI) is an independent, not-for-profit think tank dedicated to fostering liberal democracy, human rights and Central European region, and European integration through analysis and debate, supporting and challenging at relevant stakeholders in national and international level to make informed decisions based on evidence and analysis.


Bratislava Policy Institute Bratislava Policy Institute (BPI) is an independent research institute established in 2017 by group of sociologists and political scientists. 

BPI’s team is made up of sociologists, political scientists, and legal scholars. The team is able to engage in interdisciplinary research and public policy consultancy that is critical to the study of previously complex themes. 

July 2017

BPI is established by three members of the team Michal Vašečka, Viera Žúborová and Ingrid Borárosová

October 2017

BPI is live on the social media by creating our own BPI Facebook account

March 2018

BPI organizes its first public discussion Večer Michala Vašečku

May 2018

BPI starting to lead its first project on the topic social innovation

July 2018

BPI team find its office on Klariská 14 in the old town

March 2019

BPI published its works book called GEN ZY Generácie budúcnosti

May 2019

BPI officially established Scholars at Risk Section Slovakia

December 2019

BPI´s programme director Michal Vašečka was personally awarded by Ministry of Justice


BPI´s range of activities cover publication activities, work on expert standpoints and public-policy materials, consultancy activities and organization of seminars, conferences, and workshops.

BPI’s activities are dedicated to fostering all kind of partnerships among various actors at local, regional and European level, and at civic, public an business level in policy-making and is supporting discussion about future of Europe and our European identity.

With an exceptionally strong in-house research capacity and an extensive network of partner institutes throughout the world, BPI is demonstrating ongoing ability to target trends, anticipate visions and analyze actual policy questions. 


At BPI, researchers perform policy research on a wide range of policy areas: from migration to integration, from extremism to liberalism, from youth policy to younger generation, from minority to ethnicity, from labor migration to human trafficking, from informal education to innovative approaches in social and civic life, and more.

The purpose of the BPI research and educational activity is to produce focused, innovative and visionary information of a high standard for use by the various stakeholders, from decision-makers, through academic community, business and public debates. The Institute maintains active international contacts in its activities and its members participate in public debate, various media, and they are also part in seminars, conferences, scientific international boards, international projects, and other events home and also abroad.


BPI’s objective is to support and develop public policy research initiatives and to provide public policy orientated expertise in the areas of youth policy, extremism, ethnicity, citizenship, minority studies, and migration. 




BPI’s team is made up of sociologists, political scientists, and legal scholars.


We adheres to a set of core values and principles that guide us

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