Our team

The foundation of teamwork lies in establishing trust. Individually, our capabilities may be limited, but when we join forces, we can achieve remarkable things. At our institution, we have assembled a group of proficient policy analysts, each with a background in political science, sociology, psychology, media studies and economics. Our aim is to serve the public, and our team at the Bratislava Policy Institute brings together diverse expertise. With extensive experience in research and a proficiency in working with both quantitative and qualitative data, we have successfully conducted numerous studies. We have collaborated with esteemed social research organizations such as the Focus agency, AKO agency, GFK agency, and Markant agency.


Michal is sociologist by background and focuses his interests on issues of ethnicity, race, antisemitism, and migration studies.

Michal Vašečka

Ingrid is a political scientist by background. She focuses on the topics of migration, integration, extremism, radicalism and terrorism.

Ingrid Borárosová

Viera is a political scientist by background. She focuses her interests on issues of populism, extremism, civil society, political communication, intolerance, hate speech.

Viera Žúborová


Denisa specializes on media literacy and active participation, which she considers crucial for a functional democratic society.

Denisa Karabova

Project coordinator
Emma is particularly interested in the impact of digitalization, policymaking, surveillance, and cybersecurity in her studies.

Emma Prebreza

Project coordinator
Milan is a political scientist and an economist from background. His specialisation is political marketing, political online communication.

Milan Žúbor

Senior Fellow
Lee is psychologist by background, with wide range of experience in education and development.

Lee Buchan

Vladka is sociologist by background, with the focus on applied social science research, gender and equality questions.

Vladislava Zavrska

Senior Fellow
Filip is a sociologist by background, with primary areas of interest in political sociology, socioeconomics, and migration.

Filip Bajtoš

Junior Fellow


Romana studies social anthropology and takes interest in migration, culture and the intricate dynamics of societal shifts and cultural interactions.

Romana Kovacova

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