Dr. Viera Žúborová

Senior Researcher

Viera is a political scientist by background. She focuses her interests on issues of populism, extremism, civil society, political communication, intolerance, hate speech. She obtained her PhD at Olomouc University in Czech Republic. She worked for 10 years at Trnava University on various positions (vice-dean for research and strategic projects, head of department). She also worked as executive editor of the Slovak Journal of Political Science and as senior research fellow at the think-tank CENAA. In 2017 she was scholar-in-residence in the ISGAP at Oxford University and in 2010 visiting PhD scholar at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Between 2018 – 2020 she worked as an expert and member of the working group “Civil society” under the Office of Government Representative for Civic Society. And in 2020 she participated in the program “School without Hate” under IUVENTA – Slovak Youth Institute as an expert in the advisory and consulting board of experts. From October 2020 she is also affiliated as Research Fellow for one year at ISGAP – Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy, New York.

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