Dr. Viera Žúborová

Head of Research

Viera, a political scientist with a diverse range of expertise. Viera’s primary interests lie in the areas of populism, extremism, social movements, civil society, political communication, marketing, intolerance, and hate speech. With a remarkable tenure of ten years in academia, Viera has gained invaluable experience at various levels.

 Viera has served as a senior research fellow at the esteemed think-tank Center for European and North Atlantic Affairs (CENAA). In 2017, she had the privilege of being a scholar-in-residence at the prestigious ISGAP at Oxford University, and in 2010, she worked as a visiting Ph.D. scholar at the renowned Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Viera’s contributions extend beyond academia. Since 2015, she has been an esteemed regular columnist for the online newspaper Aktuality.SK. Furthermore, Viera’s commitment to making a positive impact on society led her to co-found three non-profit organizations focusing on human rights, education, youth, and social issues.

Having previously worked at the IOTA Foundation, Viera specialized in exploring the social impact of the crypto industry and blockchain technology. She was actively involved with ORAM as a dedicated volunteer, passionately promoting and supporting the rights of LGBTIQ Ukrainians in Germany. Additionally, Viera serves as a part-time Fundraising Manager at a non-profit investigative newsroom in Germany. In this role, her primary objective is to support the further development and implementation of the fundraising strategy, specifically focusing on strengthening democracy and democratic development in Eastern Europe and Russia.

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