Project Coordinator

Viera Žúborová Adela Sadloňová Veronika Vašková


  1. Research for mapping peace education in the youth field in each country, in order to understand the reality and differences between inclusive societies
  2. Digital Training Platform
  3. Youth Strategy for Peace and Solidarity in the EU
  4. The training on basic trainer skills, attitudes, competencies
  5. The training focused on Designing a collection of peace education activities for children and young people
  6. Publicity Campaign to enfоrce the European cooperation between оrganizatiоns active in the yоuth field promoting peace and solidarity


  1. Bratislava Policy Institute (Slovakia)
  3. ASOCIATIA A.S.E.L. (Romania)
  4. Future WE (Ukraine)


The overall aim of the project is the promotion of active youth participation and the peacemaking process through youth work. To achieve this aim, the partners will first work on the competence development of youth professionals (youth workers, youth trainers, and mentors of ESC volunteers). The 21st century has seen the rise of conflicts, whether armed, psychological or of other nature, which inevitably lead to a human rights crisis like never before. Sustainable, lasting peace and security can only be attained when all human rights are fulfilled. Building and maintaining a culture of peace is a shared challenge for humankind. The Santiago Declaration on the Human Right to Peace, adopted in 2010 by The International Congress on the Human Right to Peace recognizes individuals, groups, peoples, and all humankind as holders of the “inalienable right to a just, sustainable and lasting peace” (Art. 1). The declaration also calls for the right to education “on and for peace and all other human rights” as a component of the right to peace because “education and socialization for peace is a condition sine
qua non for unlearning war and building identities disentangled from violence”. In the light of current critical situations putting peace at risk worldwide, it is important to address the need for peace education and provide youth workers with skills and knowledge on peacebuilding, prevention of conflicts, and resolving the occurrence of conflicts in a peaceful way, which they can transfer upon young people in a non-formal and sustainable manner.

The main objective of the project idea is to equip youth workers through their involvement in an action group. The project will provide them with tailor-made mentoring and education developing their skills important for participation. We will connect vulnerable youth with institutions (municipalities, NGOs), help them understand each other, and foster their cooperation in civic activities, by mainstreaming the opportunities for young citizens (Discover EU, Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs) and also by helping them on disseminating the positive effects of cross-sector collaborations and their contribution to fostering solidarity.

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