Project Coordinator

Viera Žúborová


  • e-Justice
  • Legislation
  • Trainings
  • Consultations and Analyses



The INNOCENT project aims to improve the application of the presumption of innocence in Central and Eastern European jurisdictions, specifically regarding electronic evidence. The project will conduct research, develop training materials, and compile policy guidelines to enhance the understanding and implementation of this principle. The target groups, including judges, prosecutors, and defense lawyers, will benefit from increased knowledge and improved performance in handling these issues. The project’s objectives include conducting research, capacity-building, co-creating recommendations, providing practical tools for e-evidence admissibility, formulating policy recommendations, and promoting project results through awareness-raising activities.

Supported by

  • The INNOCENT project is coordinated by Law and Internet Foundation and is implemented with the support of the Justice Programme of the European Commission under Grant Agreement № 101056685.

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