Our Mission

The mission of BPI is to foster the creation and enhancement of public policies, initiate open discussions on current narratives, and analyze trends and scenarios through independent, objective, and non-partisan research. We strive to empower and positively impact individuals within our European environment and the Central European region.


BPI is actively engaged in a range of initiatives aimed at promoting publication activities, organizing seminars, conferences, and workshops. Our team is dedicated to providing expert perspectives and developing public policy materials. Additionally, we offer consultancy services to support our mission. Our diverse team has been actively involved in combating extremism and disinformation campaigns orchestrated by adversaries of the liberal democratic regime. We remain committed to fostering a liberal democratic society and advocating for its values.


Qualitative ANALYSIS

Focus groups, in-depth interviews, and direct observation


Quantitative analysis

Analysis of primary, secondary and multivariate analysis



Trainings, seminars, workshops for public, students and also experts in the selected areas


Political marketing​

Market/competitor analysis and analysis, goal mapping, audience research, messaging, communications strategy planning


At BPI, our vision is to foster innovation and embrace a higher purpose centered on safeguarding human rights, democracy, and European values. We firmly believe in connecting experienced professionals with new and original approaches, shaping the way we design and think about our work. Our core values of humanity, tolerance, solidarity, and a shared identity drive us to address upcoming challenges and protect the essential principles of freedom, liberty, and democracy.

  • To assist potential talents
  • To provide quality education
  • To make an impact on policy
  • To support and encourage youth
  • To raise Awareness
  • To bring new solutions
  • To develop knowledge and experience
  • To analyse and interpret data
  • To create valuable networks
  • To inform and design research


We adheres to a set of core values and principles that guide our organization’s choices


Simplicity and neatness are at the core of our brand identity. Drawing inspiration from Leo Babauta’s book, “The Power of Less,” we adhere to a two-step approach to simplicity: identifying the essential and eliminating the rest. By maintaining a clean and uncomplicated design, we redirect our attention to the activities that are integral to our organization’s mission.



Independence and integrity

At BPI, our team members are not only strong team players but are also encouraged to express their individuality and draw from their unique experiences in their work. This practice fosters a strong sense of camaraderie among colleagues, rooted in mutual respect. It not only enhances our communication but also contributes positively to the success of our projects.


Inclusivity and diversity

At BPI, we embrace and champion diversity and inclusivity, which we define as accepting and celebrating all cultures and lifestyles that contribute to an open society. We highly value diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and styles, recognizing that the world is not simply black and white. Diversity and inclusivity are deeply embedded in our core values as they propel societies forward, fostering progress and understanding.




Collaboration lies at the heart of our organization, playing a pivotal role in our success. Active participation from each team member is crucial for the advancement of every project, as it allows us to strive for excellence collectively. Additionally, we actively pursue partnerships with other organizations as a means to expand our perspectives and broaden our horizons.



Curiosity plays a pivotal role in driving the emergence of new ideas, and our organization is no exception. We embrace curiosity as a powerful force that fuels innovation and propels us to explore novel concepts and approaches. By nurturing a culture of curiosity, we continuously seek out fresh perspectives and insights that contribute to the resilience of society. It is through our unwavering curiosity that we generate innovative project ideas aimed at securing the steadfastness and adaptability of our communities.

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