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Discussion of Juraj Hipš: Divided slovakia

If you were born in a Gelnica county there is a 50% chance that you will not have access to online learning during the pandemic. Your chances are not getting better even if you are in the counties of Svidnik, Medzilaborce or Rimavska Sobota. And we could continue like that with many more parts of Slovakia. There is also a high likelihood that in the above-named counties, the parents are unemployed. The prospects for a better future are getting worse day by day for children living in those parts of Slovakia. If one were born in Bratislava there is only 1% chance that one would not have access to online learning.

The pandemic has divided Slovakia. If we have regions where unemployment is rising and at the same time, we have children who do not have access to education it is a fatal combination for a future. What we are creating is only a bigger problem. In sociology, we call this the Matthews effect. Where the successful are getting richer and more successful and the unsuccessful and poor are losing even the little that they have.


  • Michal Vašečka, Bratislava Policy Institute
  • Juraj Čokyna, former teacher and analyst

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18:00 / Thursday / 4. Feb 2021
+421 908453 362
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