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Resistance: The Secret of Joy

Documentary called “”Resistance The Secret of Joy” shows the heroes of today, who are influencing by its activity and values the world and the people around them. Their aim is to build inclusive, open, tolerant, and democratic society. The documentary plays with words like “resistance” and “defiance”, in their positive sense, which it seeks in every single story of our heroes, revealing their essence and the never-ending passion to continue it.

Žúborová – Borárosová · 2020 · OV (SVK, PL, HU, CZ, ENG) + ST (ENG) · 31‘ MP 12


Martin Kováč, The Union of Utrecht unites Old Catholic Churches, member of the Association pre open Christian of 21 century
Viera Žúborová, political scientist and executive director at Bratislava Policy Institute
Rudi Rus; radio moderator

Event information

19:00 / Tuesday / 15. Dec 2020
Klub pod lampou, Bratislava
+421 908453 362
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