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Strong stories can move the world. How can we retell them in a manner that captivates us all? How can we use the power of photography, or create a strong international network, or how can we talk about a sensitive topic in a way that catches attention of many? This is the challenge which is going to be tackled by the speakers attending the conference – to talk about the difficult in a simple way. We will be welcoming at our stage speakers who are inspired by real people, heroes, and antiheroes throughout their whole career. Among the speakers are the masters of the inconspicuous point, authors, script writers, directors, journalists, and publicist. In their stories, they are portraying the adventurous individuals, uncover the facts, disprove the lies, and with each new piece of text, picture, or video they are enriching out collective memory. But foremost, these are the people who want the ending of our country’s story to be a happy ending. Storytelling is a new form of presentation of one’s thoughts and promotion, which has caused a revolution in the field of marketing. The benefits and successes are something which also different fields are interested in, including the third sector. Many campaigns are the proofs of extremely successful communication strategy for fundraising as well as presenting the goals of the NGO and hiring new members to the team or volunteers. It is also a way how a brand can establish a strong and solid lovebrand. Storytelling is exceptional in the marketing sphere due to its content is easier to comprehend, more personal, resonates emotionally and creates an authentic interest of the public. Since this type of marketing is under-researched and many only have started to use it, we have decided to create an opportunity for us all to gain an insight through this conference. The attendees of the conference will gain skills from the best in the industry.


Polish director who will contribute with an opening speech, script writer of known-by-all movie Pelíšky Petr Jarchovsky with its film twin Jana Hřebejka. Petr Jarchovský has also been given two Oscar nominations for the movies “Musíme si pomahat” and “Želary”. Our other speaker is the Dutch writer Manon Uphoff, who in 1994 published famous work “Poep”. Carles Bosch, Oscar nominee, documentarist with works such as Balseros, Septiembres, Petitet and Bicycles, Spoon, and Apples will also honour us with his presence. Romanian investigative journalist and Slovak sociologist, and publicist Michal Vašečka end our list of honourable guests.

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18:00 / Tuesday / 16. Oct 2018
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