Project Coordinator

Viera Žúborová Emma Prebreza Jana Baričičová


WP2: Training of Trainers
WP3: Crowdfunding Academy for CCIs
WP4: Crowdfunding Campaigns


Crowdfunding Digital Academy for Local Creative and Cultural Industries

The project aims to create an international strategic partnership developing and testing an innovative crowdfunding e-learning academy for CCIs organizations and professionals. Specifically, the project has three main objectives: The Creation of a range of skills and knowledge about crowdfunding and self-financing for the autonomy and long-term sustainability of CCIs, fostering employment in the cultural and creative sector. Enhance the capacities of CCIs operators/professionals and entrepreneurs on digital financing opportunities based on a bottom-up approach, involving local communities, people supporting innovative ideas, and cultural institutions and stakeholders active at the local and national levels. Encouragement of a cultural development strategy for competence circulation and interactive training activities in the countries involved (BE, DE, EE, ES, IT, SK) and in the European context, thanks to free e-learning crowdfunding academy that contribute to promote sustainable and continuous CCIs innovation and self-empowerment processes.

The project wants to empower CCIs operators/professionals through the “Training for Trainers Programme,” the “Crowdfunding for Culture Digital Academy” and the development of the “Crowdfunding Campaigns”. According to a bottom-up approach; the project will develop more awareness of fundraising, self-financing techniques and crowdfunding methodologies where crucial elements are the community (“crowd”) of potential supporters and the web, which, through digital platforms and social networks, transforms social capital into financial capital, significantly amplifying its spreading.

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