Project Coordinator

Jana Baričičová


  • visual campaign to reach out to any suitable participants
  • training sessions of our team members by various experts
  • creation and publication of the Survival Kit Handbook
  • peer to peer learning sessions for the chosen participants


Bratislava Policy Institute

Survival kit for young leaders (SKOL)

The main idea of the project is to provide youth community leaders, activists and members of youth organizations from marginalized communities with a survival kit that will help them to overcome a crisis like COVID-19 and develop their skills in order to build a flexible and stable workplace in the future. Based on the statistical data from 2014, there are more than 450,000 Roma people living in Slovakia, which makes them the second largest minority of this country. Majority of them live in the eastern, economically disadvantaged regions located far away from the capital city, often in poor conditions and with a lack of basic resources, which are both the reasons and results of their social exclusion. In general, people from these communities are treated unequally and discriminated against because of their social, cultural and historical background or various stereotypes assigned to them. In spite of this, there are many people from these communities who have funded or become a part of marginalized youth organizations whose aim is to provide support for the Roma people in various ways. We believe that the mission of our project is to give these young active people opportunities to uncover their potential within their communities. Moreover, they will learn how to create a sustainable strategy on developing role models in their communities that will interact with other marginalised youth organizations and socialize them towards an open and engaged society. These special seminars will help them to discover their strengths and weaknesses, and how they can improve their management, communication and leadership skills. They will also gain knowledge in the area of project management, finding new funding opportunities to build a stable organisation.

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