Georges Vacher de Lapouge a sélections sociales

Milan Hrabovský study argues against Vacher de Lamoure’s misleading ranking among the “forerunners” of Nazi racism. Vacher de Lapouge was not a “forerunner” of Nazi racism, but he was one of the key representatives of French Social Darwinism. As part of his “social selection-ism” aimed at “practical selection” (sterilization and eugenics) of the weaker and poorer, in his view, “inferior”, “parasitic” members of society, he offered his vision of a “new society” to promote the reproduction of “superior” race in society. That is why we should be interested in the thinking of this “most important French social Darwinist”: in the 21st century, there are “racial theories” that do not have to refer to or be based directly on Nazi racism, but that does not mean that there are no other forms of racism

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