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Moderated Discussion – Populism, extremism and lies have been taking the leading role lately

Can we stop them or are we going to let them take the leading position?

After the elections into the European parliament, we have come to the end of the strong position of the European People’s party group and Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats. Those who are gaining power are the Liberals and the Greens, however unfortunately also the extremists. Is Kotleba’s LSNS the same as Salvini’s Lega Nord in Italy or Le Pen’s National Rally in Franca or Wilderson’s Party in the Netherland? DO the democrats in Europe realise the threat from the rise of extremism? Are the reasons for the rising popularity of extremism social discrepancies or the governing power? Is there an effective mean how to decrease the rise?


Radoslav Štefančík
Michal Vašečka, Bratislava Policy Institute

Event information

18:00 / Wednesday / 5. Jun 2019
Lab.cafe, Bratislava
+421 908453 362
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