Project Coordinator


Selection of key speakers for documentary
Collection of oral histories
Creation of documentary
Promotional screening in Slovakia, Czech republic and Romania


  • Uma Ed Romania Association (Leader)
  • Bratislava Policy Institute
  • Post Bellum OPS

The Future of Memory Educating About Yesterday for a Better Tomorrow

“The Future of Memory” is a transnational platform led by Uma Ed Romania Association that focuses on Holocaust remembrance, specifically for Jewish and Romani communities. The project aims to raise awareness about cities’ historical pasts by utilizing contemporary art, performance, and media to reactivate memory. It connects the past to the present, documents the stories of the last witnesses, personalizes history through oral histories, and fosters debate and understanding to combat increasing nationalism, antisemitism, revisionism, racism, and ethnic hatred. BPI’s role in the project is to organize a public event in Bratislava, Slovakia, which includes event promotion, recording, reporting, and collecting oral histories from Slovak survivors.

The documentary, “Gestures of Resistance,” features personal testimonies from Holocaust survivors in Romania, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. It explores different forms of resistance, such as armed resistance, civic/political resistance, resistance through art, and resistance through solidarity. These stories prompt reflection on their relevance in today’s society, the impact of right-wing political movements, and how we can utilize their stories to resist current trends. The documentary incorporates filmed footage of present-day protest movements, acts of solidarity, testimonies from survivors, archival material, and artworks depicting resistance and antifascism. It emphasizes the urgency of reshaping our present and future with equality and justice, urging us to resist the closure of our societies before it’s too late.

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