Project Coordinator

Viera Žúborová


Advocacy activities
Learning – Pop-up Course
Visibility – Festival, Speaker series
Working groups


  • Bratislava Policy Institute (leader)
  • Bratislava School of Liberal Arts
  • Paneuropean University
  • Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica
  • University of Ss. Cyril & Methodius in Trnava

Scholars at Risk Slovakia

The project “Scholars at Risk Slovakia” aims to establish a center for global and development education with a focus on academic freedom in the context of global topics such as justice, human rights, peace, intercultural communication, education, democracy and citizenship, xenophobia and discrimination, tolerance and multiculturalism, and war conflicts and terrorism. The project consists of four activities: speaker series, special pop-up courses, a festival, and working groups, which will be accessible to both university students and the wider society. Additionally, the project aims to create a specific study subject called “Reporting in Freedom,” which will equip students with skills in monitoring freedom and human rights, analyzing data, and measuring freedom in society. The ultimate goal of the SAR Slovakia center is to expand knowledge about academic freedom worldwide, protect freedom of speech, and promote research and science globally.

Scholars at Risk is an international network that protects scholars and promotes academic freedom. They provide sanctuary and assistance to threatened scholars, arrange temporary positions at member universities, offer advisory services, advocate for imprisoned or silenced scholars, monitor attacks on higher education communities, and develop strategies for promoting academic freedom and respect for higher education values.

The project includes a pop-up course called “Reporting on Freedom,” focusing on storytelling in international contexts and addressing human rights, freedom of speech, and academic freedom. Working groups foster international cooperation among Slovak academics, students, and foreign initiatives in analyzing and monitoring academic freedom and freedom of speech worldwide. Speaker series and the Freedom Festival aim to engage the public in discussions about human rights, freedoms, global education, and academic freedom, featuring individuals who have personally experienced threats to these rights.

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