Project Coordinator

Viera Žúborová


Analysis and collection of existing data
Creation of the report and Index of Discrimination
Evaluation of the selected public policies
Design of set of recommendations for the public policies


Bratislava Policy Institute

Index of Discrimination

The term discrimination is widely used in European and Slovak public discourse mainly in connection with access of the segregated communities to the labor marker, quality housing, health care and education. The relevant data which could describe, explain this status and draft solutions for the practice in public policies are absent. Relatively new terminology is the term antigypsyism, which introduces the specific hate based on the racial differences towards citizens with the Roma nationality. Project not only reacts on above mentioned issues, but also with its output “Index of Discrimination” (of Romas) which contributes to the solutions of the practical limits & barriers , which stops the inclusion of Roma communities in the public policies. Our aim is to create a tool, which will be able to localize, identify and afterwards through recommendations eliminate or reduce the discrimination of Roma community in Slovakia. Index of discrimination will be able to localize formal and informal discrimination and also the reasons, which lead to it (institutional & individual), together with classic social stereotypes on both sides- on the side of minority, but also on the side of majority.

We will reach the goal of the project by creating so called Index of Discrimination, which would help to localize concrete dissemination barriers, from formal/informal and institutional/individual view. Index would uncover the hidden barriers, which are stopping the inclusion and it will help to design concrete measures and recommendations for the public policies and the relevant stakeholders

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