Project Coordinator

Viera Žúborová


Desk research
Online survey
Design of Manual
Promotional and dissemination activities


Bratislava Policy Institute

Manual of Online Propagation – Targeting the Young Population

The project aimed to create a Manual of online propagation to facilitate more effective communication with the younger generation. The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic had recently expressed its goal of finding better ways to communicate the principles and priorities of Slovak foreign and security policy to young people.

The purpose of the manual was to serve as an effective tool for the Ministry in engaging with the diverse and heterogeneous group of young people. Currently, the younger generation tends to view some of the Slovak foreign activities, memberships, and initiatives as neutral or even negative due to a lack of objective information on these topics. The manual aimed to address this issue by providing guidelines on how to communicate with the younger generation about various priorities and strategic questions important to the Ministry. It served as a valuable resource to develop the best communication strategy for engaging with young people on topics such as Euro-Atlantic security, foreign and European policy, the significant anniversaries of 2018 (1918, 1968), and other important subjects.

Project documents

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