Project Coordinator

Ingrid Borárosová


Desk research of selected time period
Collection of stories
Creation of network with students, teachers and museums
Design of the website


Bratislava Policy Institute

Micro-History Slovakia 100

Although the history of the Slovak Republic is relatively short, it has been both fruitful and controversial for many people. However, due to official curricula constraints and limited time during the school year, explaining the civilization and value position of the Slovak Republic to young people can be challenging, time-consuming, and often unfinished. The project’s primary objective was to establish a modern discussion forum in Slovak schools, gradually integrating it into the informal teaching process. This forum would be guided by three pedagogical principles of modern education in the 21st century, known as the three “P”s: Professionalization, Participation, and Productivity. Using innovative and contemporary educational approaches, we aimed to present the key milestones of modern Slovak history through discussion-based formats. This approach is gaining popularity in Slovak educational institutions as it reflects the evolving changes in world history and the education of citizenship, democracy, and modern statehood. Additionally, the project recognized the diverse interpretations of democracy, citizenship, and statehood in contemporary society. Therefore, our discussions were based on various international and national concepts, providing different explanations and perspectives on these topics.

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