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Ingrid Borárosová


Desk research of selected time period
Collection of stories
Creation of network with students, teachers and museums
Design of the website


Bratislava Policy Institute

Micro-History Slovakia 100

Despite the fact, that the history of the Slovak republic is quite short it is very fruitful and for some people also very controversial. Therefore, the attempt to explain the civilization and value position of the Slovak republic towards young people can be impossible, time consuming and in some cases unfinished mostly because of the official curricula and lack of time during the school year. The main aim of the project is to create a modern discussion forum at the Slovak schools, which will gradually become the part of the informal teaching process, which will be based on three pedagogical principles of the modern education in 21st century, also known as three „P”:

Through the modern and innovative approaches in the area of education we will introduce the historical milestones of the modern Slovak history through discussion format, which is only starting to gain its popularity in Slovak educational institutions. We react to the visible changes in the world history which starts to be seen also in the education about citizenship, democracy and modern state. In the project we also focus on the fact, that current perception of democracy, citizenship and the statehood can have many different explanations. Therefore, these explanations based on different international and national concepts will be base for our discussions.

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