Project Coordinator

Ingrid Borárosová


  • non-formal educational activities
  • promotion campaign of NATO and EU
  • raise awareness about board game and education


Bratislava Policy Institute

PATH: Gaming as a teaching tool

The aim of the project is to offer more information and knowledge about the European Union, NATO and modern history of Slovak Republic and Europe through an educational board game called PATH: Daj NATO hraj NATO. This is the continuation of a previously successful project with the aim to develop a game, which will be attractive enough for schools, teachers and students that they will be willing to use it as the non-formal education tool during their lessons. Whole game was designed very carefully with several consultations with young people and also with the educators so the content, ideas and visuals will fulfill its mission. The information included in the game is connecting the basic knowledge from various subjects adding lots of interesting, funny and sometimes shocking facts which will help to understand and remember more details on this topic. The game consists of a board, game plan, figures, dice, two sets of cards, NATO alphabet and eco- fabric cover for storing the game. Our aim is to spread the game to the school and organize expo- play days, including a strong information campaign through social media which will help us to spread this game. The expo days will include discussion with the experts on topics selected by schools.

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