Project Coordinator


  • Building a knowledge base on cybercrime drivers for children and young adults.
  • Technology assessment and IT threat
  • Development of a cyber-adventure serious gaming
  • Implementation of pilot studies through gaming apps.
  • Data analysis to identify patterns for profiling and analysis of online habits from potential young victims and offenders.
  • Capacity building for cybercrime prevention and awareness



RAYUELA (01/10/2020-30/09/2023) is a Commission-supported project addressing the growing cybersecurity challenges in response to the Coronavirus crisis. By bringing together diverse experts, including law enforcement, sociologists, psychologists, and computer scientists, RAYUELA aims to develop innovative methodologies for enhanced cybersecurity. The project focuses on understanding the drivers of cyber-criminality, empowering and educating young individuals to use the Internet responsibly through gaming, and tackling cybercrimes prevalent among them, such as online grooming, cyberbullying, and human trafficking. With the involvement of 17 partners from nine European countries, RAYUELA seeks to build knowledge, assess technology threats, develop serious gaming tools, conduct pilot studies, and promote cybercrime prevention and awareness among young target groups. BPI plays a crucial role in communication, dissemination, and research support.

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