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Populism and the pandemic in Central Europe

The coronavirus pandemic has changed political narratives, policymaking, and the behaviour of politicians in Europe. Populist actors, both in and out of government, have had to react to the new reality and adapt their rhetoric and communication styles to it. The goal of this on-line conference is to analyse recent changes in European populist parties and movements from different angles: How have the parties adapted their narratives? What is the new focus of their political programmes? Where do populists stand now in relation to mainstream parties and the media? Can we see a different approach towards liberal democratic values? What patterns can we see in the (mis)labelling of different social groups as scapegoats for the current crisis? Case studies from various European countries will provide a basis for the discussion. The conference organisers encourage submission of papers focused on the following issues and more:
● Changes in the narratives and programmes of populist parties since the start of the pandemic
● Comparative analysis of populist parties and movements
● The interconnections between populism, nationalism, and nativism
● The relationship between liberal democracy, populism, and restrictions on human rights imposed in response to the virus
● How populism affects different groups in society

6th Prague Populism Conference will start with an opening public debate focusing on populism and populist parties in Central Europe during the pandemic. It´s imporant to look at how these parties adapted their narratives during covid situation, if there is a new focus in their programmes and if they have changed their approach towards liberal democratic values.

The event is organized by Goethe-Institut Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University, and Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Prague.


Chair: Katarzyna Wielga-Skolimowska (Goethe-Institut)
Paula Diehl (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel)
Ondřej Císař (Charles University)
Viera Žúborová (Bratislava Policy Institute)

Event information

18:00 / Monday / 17. May 2021
+421 908453 362
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