Project Coordinator

Viera Žúborová


  • expert online consultation on insecurity
  • working groups on various forms of insecurity
  • roundtable discussion


Bratislava Policy Institute


KA154-YOU – Youth participation activities

COVID-19 pandemic challenged many processes, many behaviours and even many unofficial norms present for decades. It speeds up the whole future processes that we were waiting to pass in future decades. And even more, it opens the scissors among various social segments and individuals in the society. Insecurity and anxiety adapted into our lives, and become the most visible emotions and feelings among young people all over the world. COVID-19 existence does not create these negative emotions or feelings, but speeds them up even more than before. Evidence suggests that symptoms of anxiety and depression(16–28%) and self-reported stress (8%) are common psychological reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic, and may be associated with disturbed sleep.’’ (Rajkumar, 2020) while ‘’subsyndromal mental health problems are a common response to the COVID-19 pandemic’’. Young people across Europe as themselves if they even will have the same secure life as their parents, if they will have the same changes and opportunities. It’s not only about insecurity towards their potential jobs or to get food, but it’s about the question about their future. They will have insecurity and they are not able to get answers to it which deepen their negative feelings and emotions. The aim of the youth participation activity is to create a space for young people where they have the chance and opportunity to to rebrand and challenge their insecurity feelings and anxiety emotions towards the future. Our intention is to rebrand Youth goals for Dialogue and space the fight against insecurity as a new disease of youth. Our intention is to build an open interactive and innovative way to do online (offline) consultation with/ and of young people identifying the main themes of insecurity and anxiety to their future and identifying their needs related to participation in addressing these negative emotions and feelings.

The main objective of FINITE project (Fight Insecurity of Youth in Europe) are: provide young people with opportunities to engage and learn to participate in the process of rebranding and challenge the insecurity among their generation; raise awareness about the insecurity as crucial topics that need to be addressed, discussed and development pathways, tools and ways how to fight this “specific generation diseases”; bring together young people and all relevant policy makers who have direct impact on the EU Youth Dialogue content and strategies. The consortium consists of 6 partners from various geographical areas of Europe, and from various types of municipalities. They are also sharing the same challenges, covering a variety of sectoral & professional backgrounds, ensuring the implementation of a multi-level and interdisciplinary project. For the composition of the consortium the partners were selected based on their different experiences, profiles and specific expertise regarding the necessary skills in implementing a successful ERASMUS + project.

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