Project Coordinator

Viera Žúborová


  1. Bubble Debunk Boost Guide.
  2. Virtual web application “are you in a social bubble?
  3. Learning platform for young leaders on how to debunk bubbles.



In the era of post-facts, fake news and disinformation have become mainstream, influencing societies and electoral turnouts. They adapt to users’ perceptions, reinforcing stereotypes and prejudices. Extremists, foreign forces, and third parties weaponize fake news to manipulate regions, countries, and international organizations. This has led to polarization and decreased trust in mainstream politics and media. Media Literacy Index 2019 reveals a regression in CEE countries, exacerbating the gap and distrust among citizens. The COVID-19 pandemic has further widened this gap, particularly affecting young people in lockdown. Our project aims to debunk social bubbles in the online sphere that divide future generations. Building on previous research, we will develop training for young leaders, community leaders, and public figures to combat fake news and promote true information. We will also create an interactive web application to help young people assess their “bubble vulnerability” and understand its real-life impact. An awareness campaign will be designed and disseminated through the channels of young leaders and their followers.


What´s new?

Project documents

  • The BATMEN Bubble Debunk Boost Guide

    This Bubble Debunk Guide supports young leaders and young people in fighting negative online manifestations and improving services during emergencies. Based on research, it brings expertise and best practices together virtually to help youth gain knowledge on bubble vulnerabilities, expand competencies, and promote collaborations. DOWNLOAD
  • The BATMEN in-person course

    In-person course on debunking social bubbles and fighting fake news, conspiracies, and disinformation. DOWNLOAD
  • The BATMEN Self-learning material

    Practical self-learning through tips and hints on debunking social bubbles and fighting fake news, conspiracies, and disinformation. DOWNLOAD
  • The BATMEN e-learning activities and assessment

    The BATMEN training program offers interactive supplemental e-learning to reinforce skills, including knowledge quizzes, collaborative discussion forums, breakout analyses of media bias, reflective writing on escaping bubbles, peer reviews for debunking practice, and social media challenges to implement responsible posting habits. These activities encourage participatory learning through practice, feedback, and critical evaluation to help participants apply their skills in real-world digital contexts. The multi-faceted e-learning approach deepens engagement and impact for positive ripple effects in online communities. DOWNLOAD
  • The BATMEN Debunk with storytelling

    False narratives thrive online. Fight misinfo by debunking with storytelling. Share personal anecdotes that counter myths. Lead with empathy, speak your truth. DOWNLOAD
  • The BATMEN Privacy Policy

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