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The New Standard

When will this strange time period end?

Everybody is awaiting the moment when the world turns back to normal. Until we realize that the “normal” as we used to know it, is not coming back. The new way of life, which has been brought about by the pandemic, is already here. It came just like that. It came without taking into account our opinion and despite the fact that we are still waiting for the return of the “normal.” Podcast The New Standard talks about the changes in society caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. In each episode, we talk to an expert from a particular area, including experts on society, disinformation, mental health, environment, education, job markets, psychiatry, and culture to discuss the impact of the pandemic on these areas and what challenges and changes will the pandemic bring to them in the future.
Is the concept of a full restaurant just a nostalgic memory? Spontaneous holiday on the other side of the world, a utopia? Are summer festivals sci-fi? Home office and online teaching in the living room a new standard? Face masks a truism? How will humanity face these new challenges? What effects will the coronavirus have on the deepening of the social disparities? What role will the fast development of new technologies and artificial intelligence play? Why do we work more hours, when working from home in comparison to working from the office? Are we even capable of maintaining the essence of humanity in us at times, when human contact and closeness are a threat?


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