Project Coordinator

Ingrid Borárosová


Dialog with participants
Increase local level activities focusing on social inclusion
Develop methods to reduce lack of motivation of young people


  • Inclusion Go – I Go (leader)
  • Bratislava Policy Institute
  • Aktive Kosmos
  • Nevo
  • Tusba

The Waltz of Volunteers

“The Waltz of the Volunteers” was a project aimed at enhancing the knowledge of 48 young people about the values of volunteering in Europe. Through the project, we shared essential steps and guidance to empower local and international youth to become volunteers in rural communities where there was a greater need for human resources.

The choice of the word “Waltz” as a key term symbolized our approach of providing 48 young participants with easy-to-follow steps to engage as volunteers and actively participate in community activities and initiatives. The project fostered a deeper understanding among the participants about the value of their contributions, particularly in small communities, and the positive difference they could make as volunteers. Our goal was to instill a strong sense of solidarity, cooperation, and acceptance of differences among the young people involved.

As the program transitioned from the European Voluntary Service (EVS) to the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), we also aimed to assist future volunteers in comprehending the changes and new opportunities to build stronger communities across Europe. During the project, we facilitated knowledge sharing among the participants, enabling them to exchange experiences and insights about both the old and new programs. Through personal experiences and active engagement, the participants had the opportunity to understand the true meaning of being a volunteer and make sincere efforts to support communities throughout Europe.

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