Project Coordinator

Ingrid Borárosová


Dialog with participants
Increase local level activities focusing on social inclusion
Develop methods to reduce lack of motivation of young people


  • Inclusion Go – I Go (leader)
  • Bratislava Policy Institute
  • Aktive Kosmos
  • Nevo
  • Tusba

The Waltz of Volunteers

The “The waltz of the volunteers” is a project based to enrich the knowledge among 48 young people about the volunteering values around Europe. In the project we will share essential steps to help locals and international young people to be volunteers in community from rural areas where there is more need of human resources. The reason why we choose the word “Waltz” as key word is because we are going to share among 48 young people easy steps to be volunteers and to develop activities and initiatives to dance with the community. The project will help 48 participants to understand the value of their contribute especially in little community and the difference that they can do as volunteer. With the project we are going to share among young people a strong sense of solidarity, based on cooperation and accepting the differences.

Now that the program of the EVS is changing in the ESC we are going to help future volunteers to understand the differences and the new opportunities to build better community around Europe. In order to do this we will help the participants to share among each other knowledge of the old and the new program (EVS -ESC). The participants will have the chance to experiment in first person or thought personal experience what does it mean be a volunteer and try to their best to be helpful for the communities around Europe.

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