Project Coordinator

Ingrid Borárosová


Research of the data
Selection of data
Design of the game
Graphic design of cover and the desk
Gaining reviews from teachers


Bratislava Policy Institute

PATH: Board Game on NATO

It is a common fact, that board games are helping children and teens to improve their critical thinking and social interactions. Our purpose is to design a board game which will improve their knowledge in the area of foreign & security policy, NATO, current and historical conflicts, violation and restriction of human rights. We have chosen this topic, because it is underrepresented at the schools curriculum and young generation in Slovakia is relatively easily influenced by conspiracy theories and fake news. We believe, that we are able to design game that will force youth to choose, to present their choices, arguments and decisions points, but not giving them the freedom to have all the answers so easily. Our innovation lies in the positives features of the board game, it improves their attitudes and motivation towards the knowledge on global issues, improves their social and communication skills, ability to deal with feelings and force them to take responsibility.
The board game will be distributed to school which will show its interest for free, in case you are interested in obtaining such a game please contact the project coordinator.

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