Project Coordinator

Ingrid Borárosová


Desk research
Focus groups with politically active young people
Preparation of toolkit
Dissemination activities and networking


Bratislava Policy Institute

Homo Politicus

The project aims to address the low political and citizen participation among young people in Slovakia. While there are examples of politically active youth in the country, they often choose to act as independent candidates rather than join traditional political parties. However, existing political parties in Slovakia do not provide adequate support or opportunities for young politically active individuals. This lack of support prevents young people from developing the necessary skills and tools to become future political leaders.

Youth in Slovakia prefer alternative forms of political participation and are reluctant to join established structures due to disappointment and disillusionment with traditional politics. However, acting independently without support leads to limited recognition and influence in the political environment. This cycle of distrust between young people and traditional politics needs to be broken to foster the development of potential leaders.

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