Project Coordinator

Ingrid Borárosová


Desk research
Focus groups with politically active young people
Preparation of toolkit
Dissemination activities and networking


Bratislava Policy Institute

Homo Politicus

The core idea of the project is to react on the alarming results showing the low political and citizen participation among young people in Slovak republic. There are many examples in current Slovakia proving, that young people could be and wish to be politically active, but they would rather choose to act as an individual or so called independent candidate than to be involved in traditional political party. Despite the fact, that these people are often very successful in their later their enter the world of politics and activism without any background, skills and tools, which would be offered to them by entering traditional party political parties. On the other side, Slovak political parties do not support the young politically active people in the way, how we are used from the western democracies. Many of political parties have their own young political organizations, which are mostly just formal and don´t have potential to create future political leaders.

Youth entering the world of politics and activism therefore have to quickly adapt to the new environment with all the required skills, tools and knowledge especially in the area of local or regional politics where young political leaders are active the most. Youth in Slovakia nowadays prefer alternative form of political participation and even though they are willing to be part of politics on different levels and positions, they are not willing to enter already existing structures. Attractivity of independent candidacy is obvious and it is often result of disappointment and disgust with the politics in the traditional forms. However, young
people acting without support are very vaguely taken into consideration as the even partner in political environment not only by political opponent, but also by the electorate. This circle of young people distrusting the traditional politics and traditional politics not willing to support young people needs to be broken for the further development of potential country leaders. Our aim is therefore not only to change perception of public and relevant stakeholders on young people entering politics, but also to change perspective of young people towards active participation in politics in its traditional structures or as an independent candidates. Project will be focusing especially on education activities for young people, which would like to become active in political environment either as an political candidates, activists, researchers, journalists or community leaders. We believe, that there is no better way to gain our goals than to offer to young people example and educational experience based on peer to peer learning, therefore we created group of young people coming from different backgrounds with different stories with common aim to help other young people to become successful and shift the negative relationship between young people and politics.


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