Project Coordinator

Viera Žúborová


Data collection from Slovakia and abroad
Focus group research
Analysis of the focus groups
Preparation of toolkit


Bratislava Policy Institute

De-fake Toolkit

De Fake Toolkit: Building Professional Capacities in the Fight against Fake News, Disinformation & Hate Speech on Internet aims to provide to the society and specific target groups (police forces, political authorities, researchers, academia teachers) toolkit which will not only offer different theoretical concepts in one place, but also brings the examples, scenarios, role plays and different workshop to gain better understanding and knowledge on the issue of radicalization, hate speech & crime, fake news and hoaxes.

There are many initiatives in Slovak republic, which aims to fight against Fake News a Hoaxes, however they were mostly focusing on the people creating these news, than on the audience receiving these information. We currently can not specifically say who they are, we don´t know their values and motivations, which can affect them to believe in such a news and which can also influence their political mobilization within the extreme political movements, initiatives or parties. Project aims to target the key users of the hate speech and fake news. On their motivations and values leading them to consume these disinformation and to the potential radical political mobilization. Several researches and analyses from the past uncovered the causality in between the consumption of fake news and the increase of polarization and hate speech in society. Therefore there is increasing need to know and understand these people, so we can be more successful in eliminating hatred, stereotypes & radicalization within society and strengthen the protection of human rights.

Project documents

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